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Business Expenses - Details

Travel expenses, mileage, subsistence allowances. Every organisation has them. And processing them costs a lot of time and money - according to the Aberdeen Group this cost is approximately €18.00 per individual claim.

Do you handle them manually?

Do you use a time-consuming spread sheet with paper receipts attached for approval?

Do you have to sort by General Ledger account headings and manually entry into an accounts, finance or payroll system?

Or do you use an older software package that you pay a significant amount on annual maintenance on?

Here is a thought for you - how would you like a Travel and Expenses software application that does not cost you any licence or annual maintenance fee - you just pay for the expense claims that are made?

KeySoft Travel Expenses is a cloud-based application designed to manage all aspects of, and to ensure compliance with, your organisations Travel and Expenses policy.

It is designed to significantly reduce your expense claim processing costs as well as provide greater expenditure analysis and management.

KeySoft Travel Expenses will reduce actual costs because there is NO licence fee or annual maintenance cost - you only pay for what you use.


KeySoft cloud-based Travel Expenses integrate with all finance/accounts and payroll systems seamlessly.

You have full control and visibility of all travel expenditure – mileage, hotels, tolls, flights, subsistence, and more.

KeySoft Travel Expenses adhere to all Irish and UK legislation regarding mileage, subsistence, foreign travel and any VAT implications.

We have no limits to the number of approval or authorisation levels.

With KeySoft Travel Expenses your employees can enter expense claims anywhere in the world from their phones, tablets, laptops, etc. And can be approved by relevant management from anywhere.

Scanned images and smart phone photographs of receipts can be attached to every claim.

Multiple management reports, multi-company and currency and no limit to user number.

KeySoft Travel Expenses is so, so easy and intuitive to use so no training costs.

KeySoft Travel Expenses can be used as a cloud or on-site solution.

Also if your company has a Travel Department, as an additional benefit, KeySoft can supply you with a Travel Management solution allowing pre-travel approval that works the same way – you only ever get charged for transactions.

So, if you want to dramatically lower your administrative costs for comprehensive expense management and administration have a look at KeySoft Travel Expenses.



For Management

  • Multi-currency, multi-company
  • Unlimited ‘Claim Approval’ levels
  • Automatic Subsistence calculation
  • Revenue compliant
  • Full Expense analysis
  • Automatic feed to Accounts Payable or Payroll
  • Elimination of paper storage and archive costs
  • Full control of all Expense rates and value parameters
  • Pre-payment preview
  • Non-employee claims facilitated e.g. non-executive directors

For Approvers

  • Mail alert
  • Access to your team only
  • Approval or rejection capabilities
  • Full visibility to your Expense expenditure
  • View all scanned/photographed receipts per claim
  • Mobile – approve claims from any where via the web

For Claimants

  • Time saving and easy-to-use
  • Mobile – use laptop, tablet and smart phone
  • Any web browser
  • Full record of all your claims
  • On-going status of where your claim is within the system
  • Automated business/private mileage report
  • Scan or photograph your receipts