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The industry accepted cost for an organisation from raising a requisition to paying a supplier invoice is €100.00 per purchase order.

KeySoft Procurement allows your suppliers maintain their product catalogues with your negotiated prices, etc. You are the customer – why should you do all the work?

When you want to purchase something, KeySoft will immediately get back to you with the products that meet your criteria be it price, delivery date, etc. Once you raise a requisition it is routed for approval and a purchase order is raised automatically.

Here is a thought for you - how would you like a Procurement software application that does not cost you any licence or annual maintenance fee – you just pay for the requisitions that are raised?

No upfront fee. No annual fee. No capital expenditure.


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  • Significant and real cost savings per purchase order
  • Increased corporate compliance and visibility
  • Reduced work time spent by employees/management filling and approving forms
  • Greatly improved expenditure analysis and management

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